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Our PCP Anna Ruiz-Gruwell is accepting new patients at Integrated Services. (208) 523-6727

Dr. Swenson has 35 plus years as a licensed psychologist in Montana and Idaho. He taught at the University of Montana, worked as a researcher and practitioner in the field of Developmental Disabilities and mental illness, and was a member of the licensing Board for psychologists for 6 years. Dr. Swenson is active in the American Psychology Association, Montana Psychology Association, and the Association for State and Provincial Psychology Boards. He has served as the President of the Rocky Mountain Association for Developmental Disabilities. Dr. Swenson has published articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, and presentations, and is a faculty affiliate with the Idaho State University psychology department. He has a special interest in developmental disabilities, behavioral psychology, trauma, PTSD, and severe and persistent mental illnesses. He enjoys the outdoors and can be found spending his time hiking and fishing, and enjoying time with family and friends.