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Now accepting new clients at the Counseling Center. (208) 523-6727

Family Support Specialist

Integrated Services, a division of Innovative Health Care Concepts (IHCC), is seeking a Certified Family Support Partner.

This opening requires current certification as a Family Support Partner.

This position works with families of those with developmental disabilities, providing support, guidance, and education as the family learns to navigate the disability system and self-advocate.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Participate as a member of the participant’s team in order to meet individual and family needs and understand family support priorities;
  • Promote engagement with the participant and their family member(s) in their recovery process including teaching self-advocacy skills, role modeling behaviors and skills needed for resiliency and coping, helping the family utilize their strengths, and teaching about causes of disorders and using evidence-based interventions;
  • Support the participant and family in the development of a Family Support Plan, including discharge planning, goals, timelines for achievement, and strengths and needs, within 15 days of the initiation of services;
  • Advocate with the participant and/or participant’s family member(s) with other team members, family, and natural supports as directed by the participant and family;
  • Provide empowerment tools for the participant and their family so they may successfully transition to self-advocacy;
  • Provide transportation, utilizing personal vehicle, if appropriate to assist participant and family in engaging in treatment;
  • Share your own personal story as a way to connect and support the participant and their family in their own recovery process.

IHCC offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible scheduling;
  • Regular raises;
  • Paid training;
  • For full-time staff: paid time off, holiday pay, health insurance, life insurance.

IHCC employs many licensed social workers, professionals with human service degrees, therapy technicians, nurses, behavioral specialists, clinical practitioners, and psychologists.  Our staff is committed to providing quality service to the community and all of southeastern Idaho.  We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable service provider is the recipe for success!