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Educational Resources to answer your questions

Answers to your questions. Explore these articles addressing various developmental disability diagnosese to help you learn and understand what it means for you or your loved ones.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a developmental disorder and leading cause of disability in young children. It affects approximately 500,000 children and…

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Learning Disorder

There are several types of learning disorders involving a child’s ability to read, perform arithmetic, or write. For instance, a…

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Dyspraxia is a disorder characterized by challenges surrounding motor functioning impacting movement and/or speech. Specifically, a child’s ability to plan…

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Intellectual Disability

Intellectual disability, formally referred to as mental retardation, is a medical term. Until recently, a diagnosis strongly depended upon an…

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Emotional & Behavioral Problems in Children

It is very common for very young children to exhibit temper tantrums, especially those who were described as fussy infants.…

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Anxiety is often diagnosed when the child shows signs of excessive stress, worry, or fear that interferes with his or…

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Encephalopathy is a fancy word for a condition of the brain impacting how it works.  In many cases, it is…

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